Chairman's Message

Insurance is a great cause for the people and the world. Insurance practitioners are like volunteers, weaving a network of protection for the future of policyholders and their families, guarding their future lives and asset preservation.

Since the beginning of the industry, Taiming has always adhered to four major beliefs:

1.Satisfy the customers

The rise of insurance generation is by no means accidental. For the planning of customers, a multi-insurance product portfolio is required to establish a solid safety net and provide complete protection. Taiming insists on providing the best and most complete planning to customers, hoping to make customers have no worries about sickness and retire. Continue to seek more support of other insurance companies, launch a product portfolio that conforms to the environment, and provide the best insured services, which are the goals of Taiming.

2.Take care of employees

Only happy employees can form an environment of peace and harmony, in order to attract more talents to work together and jointly operate insurance business. The management class should always take care of the employees and check the happiness and life of the employees. In addition to providing insurance for the internal staff and business leaders, the company also allocates surplus to the business personnel and the internal staff each year to make Taiming become their own home and career.

3.Social care

The achievements of enterprises come from the public, and they have the strength to return to the policyholders and help the poor. Taiming participated in social welfare and spared no effort to donate charitable and cultural foundations, such as the Cancer Prevention Foundation. In the future, various policyholders' feedback activities or cultural lectures will be planned, so that policyholders can also feel the love and culture of Taiming.

4.Shareholders' equity

Taking care of shareholders' equity is the inevitable mission of the management team. The capital investment of shareholders represents the trust for the management team. How to live up to the expectation? With kindness, consideration, and being conscientious in meeting the needs of policyholders, caring for the happiness of your colleagues, not forgetting the original intentions. Don`t waste the company`s resources, and face the dilemma of business operation optimistically.


I look forward to lead all my colleagues in Taiming,to work hard for this homeland and stick to the faith of insurance. There will be all kinds of sentiment in life, and business operations will also face ups and downs, only face the reality and difficulty bravely knows the true happiness after passing.