Operations of the Audit Committee

1.   The Company has formed an Audit Committee on the basis of the Securities and Exchange Act on December 24, 2013,which is composed of all Independent Directors, and For the purpose of company's corporate governance, the company operates by "Audit Committee organization rules". The main purpose is to supervise the following items:

a.  Proper presentation of the company's financial statements.

b.  Selection and dismissal of CPAs and their independence and performance.

c.  Effective implementation of company internal control.

d.  The company complies with the relevant laws and regulations.

e.  Control of existing or potential risks of the company.

2.   The key points of the annual review of the work in 2018 are as follows:

a.  Review the financial reports of the year 2017 and the financial reports of the first quarter to the third quarter of the year 2018.

b.  Appointment of CPAs of the year 2018 and the review of fees remuneration.

c.  The statement of independence issued by the CPAs and the completion of the professional service indicators and the evaluation results of the financial and Audit Supervisors in 2017 are taken as the basis for the independent evaluation and performance evaluation of CPAs in 2017.

d.  Amend the operating procedures for loaning funds and making endorsements and guarantees according to Article 36-1 of the Securities and Exchange Act.

e.  Items that involve the Director's own interests shall be submitted to the committee for review in accordance with the law.

f.   Material assets or derivative product trading.

g.  Other material items required by other companies or the competent authority.